MTA Rape Suspect Arrested

August 25, 1998


August 25, 1998

On August 20, 1998, Andre Lamont Woods was arrested by detectives from Robbery-Homicide Division for the rape of the MTA bus operator that occurred on August 14, 1998. On August 21, 1998, the criminal investigation was presented to Deputy District Attorney Richard Goul of the Long Beach branch of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. After a review of the case, Mr. Goul filed the following felony counts on August 24, 1998:

Sexual Assault, 14 felony counts were filed against this defendant.

In addition to the above counts, a special allegation was filed pursuant to Penal Code Section 667.61(d)(2), Felony Sex Offenses, and Enhancement of Sentence. This allegation provides for a sentence of 25 years to life upon conviction of one of the charged sex offenses.

Bail was set at $1,520,000. Arraignment is scheduled in Division 85 of the Los Angeles Municipal Court on Monday, August 24, 1998

For further information, please contact Detective Gina Rubalcava or Detective David Lambkin at Robbery-Homicide Division 213-485-2921.

For Release 9:00 am PST
August 25, 1998