Multiple Arrests at Illegal Cockfighting Event

December 18, 2006

Los Angeles: Twenty-four people were arrested at an illegal cockfighting event late Friday night in southwest Los Angeles.

On Friday, December 15, 2006, at approximately 9:00 P.M., an anonymous caller notified the LAPD that nearly 50 male Hispanics were gathered in the 700 block of West Washington Boulevard for an animal fight. The caller also stated that two suspects were armed with guns.

Police officers responded to an abandoned building at the location and saw 80-100 suspects at an illegal cockfighting event. When the assembled men saw the police, they attempted to flee. Officers were able to detain 24 suspects, including:

1 Parolee-at-Large, Arrested
1 Released from custody, pending further investigation
22 cited as spectators at an illegal cockfighting event, 597(b) PC

A stolen gun and over $5,000 in cash were also recovered.

Southwest gang officers and the Animal Cruelty Task Force handled the investigation. The case will be submitted to the City Attorney for filing.

Questions may be directed to Detective Linda Ortega of the Animal Cruelty Taskforce at 213-847-1417.