June 15, 2007

The Los Angeles Police Department is pleased to announce the completion of a significant technological advancement in our Emergency Command Control Communications System (ECCCS). This implementation was primarily funded through the Proposition M Bond at a cost of approximately $40 million and replaced 20+ year old systems.

This Bond Fund deliverable is a major milestone reflecting our commitment to improve the emergency services provided by the City of Los Angeles. The new Premier Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Command Point Mobile systems, implemented last week, provide enhancements that allow us to better serve those who live, work and visit the City.

Some of the advantages of the new systems include:

the ability for field officers to respond to a dispatch in a quicker, intuitive, and more organized manner
better, more reliable coverage through a robust data network
access to information via the intranet capability in over 1,400 patrol cars
a mapping component to assist the Police Service Representatives (PSRs)
highly configurable CAD functions to reflect the Department’s operational changes
increases in the number of call taking/dispatch consoles that improve our ability to handle large scale emergencies
seamless integration to existing systems
a future release that allows officers to complete reports in the field

The size and scope of this project has been immense and very complex. Every police station, dispatch console, specialized division, patrol vehicle, training facility, and countless integrated subsystems were impacted. This project represents among the largest single police department implementation for Motorola Printrak or Northrop Grumman Command Point Mobile products in the nation. The Department would like to thank the following partners in this endeavor:

Northrop Grumman Corporation
Dell Inc.
Motorola Inc.
Sprint Nextel Corporation
NetMotion Wireless, Inc.
AT&T Inc.
Hewlett Packard Company

This monumental task took nearly seven years to complete and could not have been accomplished without the commitment of County, City, and Department staff. Our LAPD Communications personnel have performed in an outstanding manner during the cutover process. They did not miss a single 9-1-1 call from the public or a radio call from any of our field personnel. I would also like to thank the Proposition M Technical Steering Committee for their oversight on this project. The cutover to the new systems was achieved with minimal impact to operations and field personnel. The successful implementation of this project underscores the Department’s obligation to providing a comprehensive, interoperable, and reliable emergency communications system that is at the forefront of public safety technology.