News Conference – Burglary Ring Bust

December 29, 2005

News Conference – Burglary Ring Bust
Tuesday, January 3, 2006
10:00 AM
Rampart Detective Division
303 South Union Avenue, Los Angeles

Captain Dennis Cremins, Commanding Officer, Rampart Detectives
Lieutenant Dennis Pratt and Rampart Burglary Detectives
Detective Jose Martinez for Spanish Media

During the latter part of 2004 and the first several months of 2005, Rampart Burglary Detectives have been actively investigating and tracking a crew of residential burglars.  This crew mainly operated in Rampart Area and bordering geographical divisions.  Detectives were able to link numerous burglaries to the specific crew due to the distinct MO, which was related to their method of entry. 
The group consisted of eight adults and three juveniles who worked in concert during the crime spree.  These individuals targeted large multi-unit dwellings during the daytime hours.  Approximately 150 crimes have been linked to this crew.  Investigative leads were followed, and all of these individuals were ultimately arrested and convicted.  Their sentences ranged from confinement in state prison and juvenile placement camps to formal probation. 
Searches were initiated at several of the suspects’ residences following their arrests.   Numerous items of stolen property were recovered from the various locations, however detectives have been unable to locate the rightful owners of the property.  The items recovered range from jewelry to video games.
If you have been the victim of a residential burglary, and you are able to identify the items that were stolen either by serial number, photograph, or proof of purchase, contact Rampart Burglary Detectives at 213-207-2000.