Newton Police Activities League Program

September 21, 2012

Newton Area CrossFit Tuesdays

Tuesday, September 25, 2012
5 p.m.

Newton Area Station (Parking Structure)
3400 S. Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA  90011

Captain E.J. Prokop, Commanding Officer, Newton Patrol Division
Newton Division Officers
Ronnie Teasdale, Crossfit Kids Instructor
Volunteers from Crossfit Mean Streets

Newton PAL Fit program began on February 7, 2012 with only five kids and has been growing ever since. PAL Fit is held every Tuesday with 10-15 kids that participate in the work out at the bottom level of Newton Area’s parking structure.  Due to the small area inside the parking structure other interested kids have been turned away so that there is ample space for participants to work out in.

PAL Fit is a strength conditioning program that uses mixed elements to get a complete body workout.  PAL Fit works on speed, agility, flexibility and plyometric (jump training).  The goal of PAL Fit is to promote a lifelong understanding of health and fitness.

The Crossfit instructor, Ronnie Teasdale is a very well known athlete in the Cross Fit world.  We are fortunate that his gym was in our area and we informed him about our program that targets the increasing amount of obesity in our youth today.  We then built a program to combat obesity in our youth while making it fun at the same time.

Newton PAL will work to prevent juvenile crime and delinquency by offering area youth positive, healthy and enriching activities under the supervision and mentorship of police officers and other adult role models.  Newton PAL will be seen as the pre-eminent youth organization that unites Newton’s business community, neighborhood leaders, law enforcement organizations and educational institutions through a passionate commitment to positively change the lives of children and families in Newton’s neighborhood.

For more information, please contact Media Relations at 213-486-5910.