Non-tactical Negligent Discharge

August 21, 2006

Los Angeles: A police officer, who was cleaning his service weapon, negligently fired one round into an office computer.

Police Officer Antonio Salazar was cleaning his handgun in the narcotics office of the Hollenbeck Police Station on July 20, 2006, when the gun went off around 3:45 PM.

"Officers are expected to maintain control of their weapon at all times," said LAPD spokesman Lieutenant Paul Vernon. "We refer to these incidents as negligent discharges rather than accidental, because a gun should only go off when the officer intends it."

Officer Salazar is 35 years old and has been with the LAPD for 10 years. He is assigned to the Hollebeck Police Station’s Narcotics Unit.

The case will be investigated and ultimately reviewed by the Police Commission.