Non-Tactical Unintentional Discharge (NTUD) NRF001-21dm

February 5, 2021

On January 13, 2021, around 10:30 a.m., employees at the Elysian Park Academy were working inside their office when they heard a loud bang. Due to ongoing live fire training occurring at the academy, the employees did not initially believe anything unusual had occurred.

Around 11:05 a.m., an employee entered a bathroom adjacent to their office and discovered an expended shell casing on the floor. Additionally, the employee discovered a hole in the bathroom wall that appeared to be caused by a fired bullet. The employee notified their Commanding Officer, Captain Peter Casey.

Due to the fact it appeared an NTUD had occurred, Captain Casey notified Force Investigation Division (FID) of the incident. At the time of the notification to FID, no one had come forward to claim responsibility for the NTUD.

Force Investigation Division investigators responded to the location and were able to positively identify the employee.