Officer Arrested for Making False Report

August 26, 2004

Los Angeles: On July 30, 2004, The Los Angeles Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division Detectives arrested Officer Edwin Lee for 118.1 P.C., Making a False Police Report.
Lee was assigned to Rampart Division on May 4, 2004, when a female Korean immigrant reported that she had paid $7,500 to a self-professed attorney, to help her in obtaining citizenship, and she never heard from him again. Officer Lee allegedly said he would file a report but it would cost her $500. She told the officer she would return at a later date. Instead, she reported his alleged conduct to LAPD’s Internal Affairs Group. The Department immediately began an investigation, which included an undercover operation.
The woman returned to the Rampart Station on July 29, 2004, and gave Lee $500 in recorded currency. Lee then filed a police report claiming the woman had received death threats, which she said she had not. Lee was arrested by LAPD on July 30, 2004, after he left work.
On August 26, 2004, the District Attorney’s Justice System Integrity Division charged Lee. Lee is scheduled to be arraigned on Friday, August 27, 2004, in Los Angeles Superior Court, Division 30. Lee, who was released on $25,000 bail, faces up to three years in state prison if convicted.
Currently, Lee is assigned home with pay pending the criminal proceedings and a Department internal administrative hearing.
This news release was prepared by Los Angeles Police Department’s Media Relations Section, at 213-485-3586.