Officer-Involved Shooting

March 30, 2005

Los Angeles: On March 29, 2005, at approximately 1:20 in the morning, Newton Division Police Officer II Eric Rose, Serial No. 35661, 30 years of age and five years on the Department, and Police Officer II Jose Bonilla, Serial No. 35959, 35 years of age and four years on the Department, were flagged down by a woman who reported that she had just been robbed.
The female victim pointed out the suspects’ vehicle that was leaving the scene. The officers caught up to the vehicle and attempted to stop it. The suspects failed to stop for the officers, and a pursuit began. Newton Division Police Officer III Francisco Diaz, Serial No. 31804, 33 years of age and nine years on the Department, and his partner, Police Officer II Dana Grant, Serial No. 34715, 30 years of age and six years on the Department, responded to the pursuit.
The suspects failed to negotiate a right turn and hit a wall on the northeast corner of 65 th and San Pedro Streets. Officers Rose and Bonilla pulled in behind the suspects’ vehicle and Officers Diaz and Grant pulled alongside of Officers Rose and Bonilla. The suspect placed the vehicle in reverse and backed toward Officers Rose and Bonilla’s vehicle. The suspects’ vehicle collided with Officers Rose and Bonilla’s vehicle. This resulted in an officer-involved shooting by Officers Rose, Bonilla, and Diaz.
The suspects in this incident were identified as Omar Hurtado, male, Hispanic, 20 years of age, and Oscar Segala, male, Hispanic, 38 years of age. No officers were injured during this incident. Suspect Hurtado was struck one time by gunfire and transported to California Hospital in serious but stable condition. Suspect Segala was not injured.
Force Investigation Division’s investigation revealed that the suspects’ vehicle, a 1991 Black Honda Accord, was a reported Las Vegas Police Department stolen. Suspect Hurtado had a Los Angeles County $10,000 Felony Warrant for 487 (A) PC, Grand Theft, and was booked for 245 PC, ADW on a Police Officer. Based on fingerprints, Suspect Segala was later identified as Oscar Leyva, who had a Misdemeanor No Bail Warrant for 11550 H&S, Under the Influence, and was booked for 211 PC, Robbery.