Officer Involved Shooting

February 28, 2001


Los Angeles – On Wednesday, February 28 2001, at approximately 10:00 a.m., Southwest Area Detective Jeffrey Nolte, 34 years old, 12 years with the Department, was on duty and driving westbound on Washington Boulevard approaching 7th Avenue. Detective Nolte heard gunshots and observed two persons, in the street, on the southwest corner of Washington Boulevard and 7th Avenue. A male Hispanic victim was lying on the street and a male Hispanic suspect was standing over him.
The suspect shot the victim at least once, with what was subsequently identified as a small caliber handgun, and then walked westbound on Washington Boulevard. The victim stood up and the suspect chased the victim northbound across Washington Boulevard, firing at least one round at him. Detective Nolte, who had subsequently parked his unmarked police vehicle on the northwest corner of Washington Boulevard and 7th Avenue, began to exit his vehicle while simultaneously identifying himself as a police officer and ordering the suspect to drop the gun.
The victim ran westbound on Washington Boulevard as the suspect ran northbound toward the police vehicle. The suspect pointed his gun at Detective Nolte as he ran. Detective Nolte again ordered the suspect to drop the weapon. The suspect failed to comply and continued to point the gun at the Detective. Detective Nolte fired multiple rounds at the suspect as the suspect ran toward and around the police vehicle. The suspect continually pointed his gun at Detective Nolte as he ran. The suspect was wounded and fell to the ground several yards north of Washington Boulevard on 7th Avenue.
The suspect was pronounced dead by Los Angeles Fire Department Paramedics at the scene. The suspect’s handgun was recovered where he fell. The victim, subsequently identified as Jorge Gonzalez, 19 years of age, a resident of Los Angeles, received medical treatment at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and is listed in stable condition. At this time, the suspect has not been identified.