Officer Involved Shooting at Kaiser Permanente Hospital

January 15, 2001

"Officer Involved Shooting at Kaiser Permanente Hospital"
On Monday, January 15, 2001, at approximately 4:45 a.m., uniformed officers assigned to Van Nuys Community Police Station responded to the Kaiser Permanente Hospital, located at Woodman Avenue and Cantara Street, in response to a radio call of a male, armed with a knife and creating a disturbance. Upon arrival at the location, the officers observed the suspect, armed with a knife, acting in a bellicose manner and threatening the safety of the hospital staff and others in the emergency room area.
Earlier in the morning, the suspect had been transported to the hospital, by ambulance, for treatment. At some point while doctors were attempting to attend to the suspect, he began acting in a belligerent manner, refusing treatment. As the suspect was leaving the location, he activated the alarm system at the hospital. Security guards at the location returned the suspect to the emergency room. As hospital staff attempted to restrain the suspect, the suspect resisted, retrieved a knife and began to use it in a threatening manner at staff. At one point, the suspect made a threatening move, toward one of the guards, with the knife. In fear for their safety and overwhelmed by the suspect, hospital staff summoned the police.
When the officers arrived, they attempted to negotiate with the suspect, for approximately 15 minutes, directing him to put down the knife. During this time, additional units were requested, and did respond to assist. The suspect refused and instead, became increasingly agitated and bellicose. The officers, in fear for the safety of those in the area, employed the use of less than lethal devices (taser device and beanbag projectiles). The suspect, apparently unaffected by the devices, continued with his aggressive behavior, while maintaining possession of the knife. The suspect left the immediate area of the emergency room and entered a nearby waiting room, which at the time was occupied by approximately nine patients/visitors.
The suspect continued acting in a violent manner, refusing officers access to those in the room. The suspect’s aggressive behavior, toward the patrons in the room, caused them to secure chairs from the room and use them in a defensive manner in an attempt to keep the suspect at bay. Again, the officers employed the use of the taser device and fired beanbag projectiles at the suspect, in an attempt to control the suspect. Additionally, the officers employed the use of oleoresin capsicum (commonly referred to as pepper spray) in an attempt to control the suspect. These devices did not appear to have any effect on the suspect. The suspect then, armed with the knife, advanced upon officers in a threatening manner.
It was at this point that Officer Roy Guthrie (Serial No. 26211, 35 years old, 12 years with the Department), assigned to North Hollywood Community Police Station, in fear for his life and that of other officers, fired rounds from his service pistol, striking the suspect in the torso. The suspect was admitted for treatment of gunshot wounds.
The suspect’s knife was recovered at the scene. The suspect, is identified as: Peter Correa, a male Hispanic, 5’10", approximately 260 pounds, 26 years old. The suspect is listed in guarded condition. He will be booked for Assault with a Deadly Weapon on the security guard. Other charges may follow based on the on-going investigation, which is being conducted by Robbery-Homicide Division.
This press release was prepared by Lieutenant Horace Frank, Officer in Charge, Media Relations Section.
For further inquiries regarding this release, contact Media Relations Section at 213-485-3586.