Officer Involved Shooting in Gardena Casino

December 24, 2004

Los Angeles: On December 24, 2004, at approximately 4:00 a.m., Los Angeles Police officers shot a robbery suspect who had earlier lead the police on a lengthy pursuit that ended inside a gambling casino.
Earlier, at about 3:44 a.m., an LAPD Harbor Area patrol sergeant observed a stolen late model Jaguar being driven by a lone male suspect. The vehicle was reported taken on December 23, 2004, during an armed robbery. The suspect, 24 year-old Troy Thomas Lund, refused to yield to the police and lead officers on a chase that covered several miles. Lund then drove to the intersection of Vermont Avenue and Redondo Beach Boulevard. Abandoning the stolen Jaguar, as it crashed into a gambling casino building pillar, Lund attempted to hold a female casino patron hostage as several gamblers poured out the exits in panic. Nine year LAPD veteran Officer Mathew Murray, and his partner, Officer Alex Rojas with 14 years on the police force, responded to the termination of the pursuit. Officer Rojas attempted to stop Lund and an officer involved shooting occurred. Lund then ran into the gambling area where casino patrons were now cowering under the card tables and attempting to hide from the armed intruder. The suspect Lund, now brandishing a handgun and searching for an escape, took a male patron by the jacket collar and attempted to hold him hostage.
Fearing for the safety of the hostage, Officer Murray fired one round at the suspect which struck the gunman and freed the hostage. There were no other injuries to either patrons or officers. Lund was transported to Harbor General Hospital and was pronounced dead.
This incident is being investigated by the Force Investigation Division, at 213-485-6475.
This news release was prepared by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Media Relations Section, at 213-485-3586.