Officer-Involved Shooting in Hollenbeck Division NRF041-22lr

July 31, 2022

August 3, 2022


The officers involved in the below incident have been identified as Hollenbeck Patrol Division Police Officer II David Gallardo, Serial No. 41554, and Police Officer II Alonso Vazquez, Serial No. 39377. The suspect was identified as 31 year -old, Marcos Maldonado.

July 28, 2022

**The following information is based on a preliminary and ongoing investigation, which continues to evolve as investigators interview witnesses, review physical and electronic records, and analyze forensic evidence. The Department’s understanding of the facts and circumstances may change as additional evidence is collected and analyzed**

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) Force Investigation Division is investigating an Officer-Involved Shooting (OIS) that occurred in Hollenbeck Division.

On July 27, 2022, at around 11:00 a.m., a Central Traffic Division officer was conducting a collision investigation on Broadway, south of Avenue 19, when he was approached by citizens who advised him that a man with a gun was down the street. The officer visually confirmed the information and broadcast a backup request for a “415 Man with a Gun” and provided a suspect description and location. Hollenbeck patrol officers responded and located the suspect walking north on Broadway passing Avenue 19. The officers made contact with the suspect and ordered him to drop the gun. The suspect turned and pointed an object at the officers, which appeared to be a handgun, resulting in an Officer-Involved Shooting.

The suspect was struck by gunfire. The Los Angeles Fire Department responded and transported the suspect to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased. No officers were injured during the incident. The suspect was in possession of an object believed to be a handgun. Further inspection determined the object to be a pellet gun resembling a handgun. The suspect’s identity is unknown.

The object held by the suspect. Later determined to be a pellet gun resembling a handgun.

LAPD’s specialized Force Investigation Division responded to the scene and interviewed witnesses and supervised the collection of evidence by the Forensic Science Division. Representatives from the State of California Department of Justice, Attorney General’s Office, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and the Office of the Inspector General responded and monitored the scene investigation.

The complete investigation will be reviewed by the Chief of Police, the Board of Police Commissioners, and the Office of the Inspector General to determine the thoroughness and accuracy of the investigation and whether the use of deadly force complied with LAPD’s policies and procedures. Additionally, representatives from the State of California, Department of Justice, Attorney General’s Office will review the subsequent FID investigation, evidence collected and witness statements to determine if the force used by the officers was reasonable.