Officer-Involved Shooting in Newton Area

November 18, 2002

Los Angeles: On November 17, 2002, at approximately 1:15 p.m., two Newton Patrol Officers on patrol in the vicinity of 55th Street and Hooper, received information via their radio that an LAPD air unit had received a LoJack Activation and was monitoring a stolen vehicle traveling on Central Avenue approaching Vernon Avenue. The vehicle was described as a 2003 silver Mitsubishi.
The officers responded and observed the stolen vehicle driving south on Central Avenue at 52nd Street. The officers notified Communications Division that they were following the stolen vehicle and requested a back up unit to assist them. The officers followed the vehicle to Slauson Avenue where it turned west and then south on Wall Street. Upon arrival of back-up, the officers activated their emergency lights, in an attempt to stop the vehicle. The driver of the stolen vehicle stopped the vehicle in the 5900 block of South Wall Street.
The officers exited their black and white vehicle, took cover behind their respective open doors. The driver was ordered to raise his hands and step out of the stolen car. The driver of the stolen car, subsequently identified as Theodis Sims, 23 years of age, immediately exited the vehicle and ran south on Wall Street then west through the houses. The second suspect opened the passenger door, began to exit, and then returned to the passenger compartment. The passenger suspect moved to the driver’s seat as officers deployed on the vehicle.
Officer Todd Bogart (30 years of age, six years with the Department) deployed perpendicular to the stolen vehicle’s passenger door and ordered the suspect to raise his hands. At the same time, one of the back-up officers deployed to the rear of the stolen vehicle. Officer Bogart observed the suspect look over his shoulder, in the direction of the officer positioned at the rear of the stolen vehicle, and reach for the gearshift lever. The suspect’s vehicle lurched rearward toward that officer. Officer Bogart, in fear for his partner’s safety, fired one round at the suspect. The vehicle stopped momentarily then accelerated rapidly rearward in a u-turn. The vehicle crossed Wall Street, broke through a parking lot chain link gate and collided with a building across from 5913 Wall Street. The officers removed the suspect from the vehicle, observed that he was wounded and requested a rescue ambulance via their police radio. Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded but were unable to resuscitate the wounded suspect; he was pronounced dead at the scene.
The second suspect, Sims, was captured a short time later within an established perimeter. He was arrested and booked for 10851 V.C. (Driving Vehicle Without Owner’s Consent). Two officers received minor injuries while searching for Sims. No other officers were hurt as a result of this incident. The deceased suspect’s name is being withheld pending notification of next of kin.
Detectives from Robbery Homicide Division and Critical Incident Investigation Division are conducting the investigation into this incident.
For further information, contact Media Relations Section at 213- 485-3586. This press release was prepared by Sergeant John Pasquariello, Media Relations Section.