Officer-Involved Shooting in Oxnard

June 11, 2001

Los Angeles: On June 9, 2001, at approximately 11:00 p.m., Communications Division broadcast that a carjacking of a Chevy Suburban occurred in Marina Del Rey. Operations-West Bureau, Community Law Enforcement and Recovery (CLEAR) patrol officers were monitoring the broadcast. Two CLEAR sergeants and two CLEAR officers, working in the same Police Vehicle, observed the vehicle at Rose Avenue and Pacific Avenue. They requested a back up and an air ship. The officers followed the vehicle in an attempt to conduct a traffic stop, but the vehicle failed to yield and a pursuit ensued. Responding officers joined the pursuit along with the air ship.
The suspect’s vehicle collided with several vehicles as the pursuit continued through the cities of Santa Monica, Malibu and Oxnard. The air unit was forced to abandon the pursuit, due to fog and poor visibility. The officers lost radio communications and used cell phones to broadcast their location and notify Santa Monica Police Department, California Highway Patrol and Oxnard Police Department. None of those agencies participated in the pursuit.
The pursuit terminated in the City of Oxnard at the intersection of Oxnard Boulevard and Gonzales Road, when the suspect’s vehicle collided with two other vehicles. During the collision the suspect’s vehicle spun around and came to a stop facing the officers. The officers ordered the suspect to raise his hands and exit the vehicle. The suspect failed to comply. The suspect suddenly accelerated his vehicle toward several officers. In fear for their lives and in an attempt to stop the suspect, Officers S. Gregory (30 years of age, five years with the Department), L. Lussier (30 years of age, five years with the Department), and E. Dagley (30 years of age, five years with the Department) fired multiple rounds from their service pistols. The suspect succumbed to his injuries. None of the involved officers were injured.
The suspect was subsequently identified as Beau Blain, 28 years of age, a resident of Los Angeles.
Critical Incident Investigation Division, Officer-Involved Shooting Section Detectives are handling this investigation. For further information regarding this press release, please call Media Relations Section at 213 485-3586.