Officer Involved Shooting Occurs After Gang Member Shoots at Officers

February 19, 2003

"Officer Involved Shooting Occurs After Gang Member Shoots at Officers"
Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating an officer-involved shooting that occurred in the area of Holmes Avenue and 55th Street, here in the City of Los Angeles.
On February 18, 2003, at approximately 7:30 P.M., Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Officers Mark Griego (Serial No. 26648, 36 years old, 14 years with the Department) and Luis Calzadillas (Serial No. 33974, 27 years old, 5 ½ years with the Department), both assigned to Newton Patrol Division, were on duty in a marked black and white police vehicle. They were southbound Holmes Avenue, approaching 55th Street when they observed two male Blacks walking northbound on the west side of Holmes Avenue approaching 55th Street. One of the males was drinking a beer. The officers decided to stop the male to conduct an investigation regarding the drinking in public violation. The male with the beer walked southbound on Holmes Avenue while the other male ran northbound on Holmes Avenue. As the driver officer brought the vehicle to a stop, the male, who was running northbound, suddenly stopped, removed a .380 caliber automatic handgun from his waistband area and began shooting at the officers. One of the suspect’s rounds struck the front passenger door of the police vehicle. The officers, in fear for their safety, returned fire at the suspect. The suspect turned and ran westbound on the sidewalk of 55th Street, from Holmes Avenue.
The officers pursued the suspect on foot. During this foot pursuit, the suspect, on multiple occasions, turned and pointed his gun at the officers. The officers responded by firing at the suspect. At about the mid-block point, the suspect, apparently struck by the officers’ gunfire, fell to the sidewalk. The officers approached and repeatedly ordered the suspect to show his hands. As the officers got closer to the suspect, who was still lying on the ground, the suspect turned, and pointed the handgun at the officers. Both officers were fearful for their safety and a second officer involved shooting occurred. The suspect was struck by gunfire.
Los Angeles City Fire Department Paramedics responded to the scene and pronounced the suspect and dead at the scene. Immediately following the shooting incident, a large hostile crowd gathered at the scene and began throwing rocks and other projectiles at the officers. The officers put out a help call for assistance. Numerous officers from outlying divisions, including officers from the Department’s Metropolitan Division, responded to the scene. Responding officers were eventually able to take control of the situation and return matters to a state of normalcy.
No arrests were made. No officers were injured. The police vehicle was struck by gunfire from the suspect. The vehicle incurred a bullet hole just below the "protect and serve" sign on the passenger side door.
The suspect has been identified as 34 year-old Derrick Jenkins, a known gang member for whom an arrest warrant was issued on a weapons violation. The investigation into this incident is ongoing and is being conducted by Critical Incident Investigation and Robbery Homicide Divisions.
This release was prepared by Lieutenant Horace E. Frank, Officer in Charge, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.