Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs After Man Attacks Officer With Knife

October 13, 2002

"Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs After Man Attacks Officer With Knife"
Hollywood: On October 12, 2002, at approximately 9:30 a.m., Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Officers Bryan Dameworth (Serial No. 35966, 31 years old, 1 ½ years with the Department) and John Collyer (Serial No. 27575, 36 years old, 12 years with the Department), both assigned to Hollywood Community Police Station, responded to a "Domestic Violence Ambulance Cutting" radio call in the 1700 block of Garfield Place. Upon arrival, the officers met with the victim, Victor Salas, and the location manager. Salas advised the officers that the suspect tried to kill her (Salas) with a knife. The officers observed visible signs of injuries to Salas’ neck. Salas directed the officers to her apartment, where the suspect was located. While enroute to the apartment, the officers requested a back-up unit for assistance.
While outside the apartment, the officers heard the suspect screaming words to the effect that he wanted to die and that he was going to kill himself. Fearing that the suspect was going to harm himself, the officers kicked open the door to the apartment. One of the officers observed the suspect in possession of a knife and ordered him to put down the knife. The officers requested a back-up unit to respond with a beanbag [less than lethal munitions] shotgun. The suspect exited the apartment and entered the hallway, carrying the knife. He was ordered to drop the knife. He refused to comply and instead, went back into the apartment. As the officers waited for back up, the suspect again exited the apartment, carrying a knife in one hand and a beer bottle in the other. The suspect advanced toward Officer Dameworth in a threatening manner. Officer Dameworth backed up and repeatedly pleaded with the suspect to put down the knife and return to the apartment. The suspect refused to comply and instead continued to advance on Officer Dameworth, who by now was backed up into a corner. As the suspect advanced on Officer Dameworth, carrying the knife and the bottle in a threatening manner, Dameworth became fearful for his own safety and fired one round at the suspect, striking him in the torso. The suspect died at the scene and the knife was recovered.
Critical Incident Investigation Division and Robbery-Homicide Division are conducting the investigation into this incident.
Please direct all further inquiries regarding this incident to Media Relations Section, at 213-485-3586. This press release was prepared by Lieutenant Horace Frank, Officer in Charge, Media Relations Section.