Officer Involved Shooting Suspect Wounded

March 14, 2003

"Officer Involved Shooting – Suspect Wounded"

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating an officer involved shooting that occurred in the 6500 block of South Victoria Avenue.
On March 13, 2003 at approximately 7:40 p.m., 77th Street Area Special Enforcement Unit (SEU) uniform officers David Ross, 47 years of age, 6 1/2 years with the Department and his partner were assigned as unit 12G34. The officers were on foot investigating gang activity on Brynhurst Avenue just south of Hyde Park Avenue. The officers observed a male Black suspect run westbound on the north side of Hyde Park toward South Victoria Avenue, out of their view. The officers, deciding to contact him to determine why he ran, entered their police vehicle, and drove west on Hyde Park Avenue.
As the officers reached South Victoria Avenue they observed the suspect standing in front of the apartment building at 1665 South Victoria Avenue, a known gang location. The officers drove to that location and observed the suspect walk west on the driveway of the apartment building. The officers exited their vehicle and directed him to stop. The suspect complied and walked toward the officers then turned, placed his hands in his front waistband and ran west on the driveway to the west apartment staircase. The officers pursed the suspect on foot and observed him run up the staircase to the second floor.
Officer Ross, fearing the suspect had a weapon in his waistband, drew his service pistol. Officer Ross reached the bottom of the staircase and observed the suspect facing east, attempting to open an apartment door with his left hand. Officer Ross observed that the suspect’s right hand was inside his waistband. Officer Ross ordered the suspect to stop. The suspect turned toward Officer Ross and Ross observed that the suspect’s right hand appeared to be gripping an object inside his waistband that Ross believed was a weapon. As the suspect turned toward Officer Ross, he began withdrawing his right hand from his waistband. Officer Ross, fearing the suspect was drawing a firearm and would shoot himself or his partner, fired multiple rounds at him. The suspect then entered the apartment.
The officers requested help and additional officers responded to the scene. The suspect’s mother and brother exited the apartment and informed officers the suspect had been wounded. Responding officers directed the suspect to come out of the apartment. He failed to comply, stating he was wounded. An arrest team was formed. The team entered the apartment and took the suspect into custody without further incident. The officers observed that the suspect had been wounded and requested paramedics. The paramedics arrived, provided emergency medical treatment to the suspect and transported him to a local hospital where he was admitted in critical condition.
No firearm was found at the time of the suspect’s arrest. A search warrant and subsequent search of the apartment was pending at the time of this release.
No officers were injured as a result of this incident.
The investigation into this shooting is ongoing and is being conducted by Critical Incident Investigation and Robbery Homicide Divisions.
This press release was prepared by Sergeant John Pasquariello, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.