Officer Threatened by Armed Suspect on Freeway Results in Officer-Involved Shooting NR11110bb

March 11, 2011

Los Angeles:  On March 10, 2011, an off-duty LAPD officer driving home in his personal vehicle became the victim of a potentially deadly situation when a suspect fired a gun at the officer.

At about 8:40 p.m., an officer assigned to the Southwest Area Police Station had just finished his shift and was on his way home.  The officer was driving his personal car in the number one lane of the southbound 110 Freeway when a black Toyota truck came up behind his car and the driver flashed his bright lights. As he continued driving, the officer became involved in a situation initiated and sustained by the driver of the Toyota truck.

While continuing south on the 110 Freeway in the number two or three lane, the officer saw the truck pull alongside the right of his car. When the truck pulled slightly ahead of the officer’s car, he saw that the driver’s side window was open and then experienced a bright flash followed by a loud bang.  At that point, he believed the driver of the truck had fired a gun in his direction.  In fear for his life, the officer drew his service pistol and an officer-involved shooting occurred, after which the truck continued south on the 110 Freeway to an unknown location.

The officer involved in this incident is Police Officer III Franck Peter, 21 years and 7months with the Department.

LAPD Force Investigation Division personnel responded to the incident and are investigating the officer-involved shooting and the crime against the officer.  As of this report, the suspect has not been identified.

The investigation will ultimately be reviewed by the Chief of Police, the Office of the Inspector General and Board of Police Commissioners for compliance with the Department’s use-of-force policy, which states that an officer’s use-of-force actions must be objectively reasonable.  Additionally, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Justice System Integrity Division will conduct a comprehensive review of the shooting.