Officers Attempting to Prevent Murder Shoot Suspect NR09545jr

November 13, 2009


Police Officer III Tony Im, 10 years and 1 month with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), is the officer who was involved in this officer involved shooting

Los Angeles:   At about 11:30 p.m. yesterday, Los Angeles Police Officers assigned to Wilshire Area shot a suspect who was stabbing his estranged girlfriend.   

On November 11, 2009, at about 5:00 p.m., Flor Medrano, 30 years of age and a resident of the Mid-City area, flagged down Wilshire Area Patrol Officers.  Ms. Medrano reported to the officers that she had been threatened and assaulted by her estranged boyfriend on November 10, 2009.  Medrano identified the suspect to the officers who was believed to be a resident of Inglewood, California.  Medrano showed the officers that she had been receiving threatening text messages.  

The officers initiated an investigation into the assault and the criminal threats.  Officers attempted to locate the suspect by requesting the assistance of the Inglewood Police Department.  Inglewood police officers responded to the suspect’s residence, but he was not there.  

During the course of the investigation, the suspect sent a text message to Medrano which led the investigators to believe that he was at her residence.  The investigators responded to the residence, which is described as a second-story apartment in a complex located in the 1300 block of South Cochran Ave.  The suspect was not located at the apartment or in the area.

The officers returned to the Wilshire Police Station where Medrano had been waiting for several hours, during the investigation.  Medrano informed the officers that she wanted to return to her residence.  The officers offered to help Medrano secure a place at a domestic violence shelter or to drive her to a another location of her choice.  Ultimately Medrano decided that she wanted to return home.  She explained to the officers that the suspect did not have a key to her residence and that her child, from a previous relationship, was being cared for elsewhere.

At about 10:45 pm, the officers followed Medrano to her residence and verified that she had entered safely.  Two officers remained outside of the residence in an unmarked police vehicle in hopes of apprehending the suspect.  From their position in the police car, the officer had an unobstructed view of Medrano’s front door, which is the only doorway into the apartment.

At about 11:25 p.m., the officers called Medrano by phone to verify her safety and to let her know that they were preparing to leave.  The cell phone call was interrupted.  Several attempts were made to reestablish the connection.  When the connection was finally reestablished the officers heard screaming.  The officers radioed for back-up officers and ran up the stairs to the apartment.   They observed through a window that Medrano was being stabbed by the suspect. An officer involved shooting occurred.  

As the officer involved shooting was occurring, back up officers were arriving.  Officer forced their way into the apartment and rendered aid to both Medrano and the suspect.  Medrano was suffering from multiple stab wounds to her upper torso and the suspect was suffering from a gunshot wound.

Los Angeles Fire Department Paramedics responded to the scene.  Both Medrano and the suspect were transported to an area hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Force Investigation Division has assumed responsibility for the officer involved shooting investigation and Wilshire Homicide Detectives have assumed responsibility for the murder investigation.  The knife used in the murder has been recovered.   

Persons with information related to this incident are requested to call Wilshire Homicide Detectives at 213-473-0446.  On weekends and during off hours, callers may call the 24 hour tip line at 1-877 LAPD 24-7 (1-877-527-3247).   Those wishing to remain anonymous may use their cellular phones and text to “CRIMES” or by logging on to and clicking on “webtips.”  When using a cell phone always begin the text portion of the message with the letters LAPD.  Texting or internet tips provided in this manner are anonymous.