Officers Encounter Violent Suspect NR12337kr

July 18, 2012

Suspect and Five Officers Injured

Los Angeles:   77th Division officers were called to a family dispute and were encountered by a violent man under the influence of narcotics.

On July 12, 2012, around 11:50 a.m., officers’ located 35-year-old Tyrone Diaz at a home in the 1000 block of West 51st Place.  A family member called police to report that Diaz was under the influence of PCP (a powerful hallucinogenic) and the family was in fear for their safety.   

The first officers on scene conducted a preliminary investigation and quickly asked for an additional unit to assist them due to Diaz’ erratic and violent actions.  Almost immediately that request turned into a more urgent request for back-up, followed in moments by an “Officer Needs Help” call.

Diaz was violent and uncontrollable.  In attempts to gain compliance and take Diaz into custody, officers used a number of tools including: the beanbag shotgun, TASER (stun mode), punches, kicks, miscellaneous force and body weight, before Diaz was taken into custody.  One officer fired four bean bag rounds at Diaz.  One of the beanbag rounds inadvertently struck Diaz in the head.  The three other beanbag rounds made contact to Diaz’ torso.  As the violent struggle with Diaz continued, the same officer used a pair of handcuffs he was holding in his hand preparing to handcuff Diaz to strike him in the head.  He was ultimately taken into custody.

Diaz was transported to a local hospital by the Los Angeles Fire Department where he was treated for minor abrasions and contusions to the head and torso, drug intoxication and for a mental evaluation.  Diaz was cleared for booking and booked at Los Angeles County Inmate Reception Center Medical Ward due to his narcotic intoxication.  

Five of the involved officers were injured during the struggle with Diaz.  They were all treated and released for their injuries that included a strained back, fractured right hand, abrasions to hands and knees, and contusions.

Force Investigation Division (FID) personnel responded and will conduct a thorough investigation.
The investigation will ultimately be reviewed by the Chief of Police, the Office of the Inspector General and Board of Police Commissioners for compliance with the Department’s use-of-force policy which states that an officer’s use-of-force actions must be objectively reasonable.