Officers Honored for Actions Relating to Gunman at Sunset and Vine NR11585rh

December 16, 2011

Los Angeles:  At a news conference today, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Chief Beck, and Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti honored LAPD officers who were responsible for stopping a gunman firing multiple shots at Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street on Dec. 9 of last week.  During the rampage, an innocent victim was killed.

Last Friday, around 10:30 in the morning, 26 Year-old Tyler Brehm of Los Angeles armed himself then went to the busy intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street where he began shooting at people and their cars while walking through the intersection.

Tragically, Brehm killed a Los Angeles resident, John Atterberry, and injured two others.  The aftermath of his rampage could have been far more devastating if not for the actions of the LAPD officers who happened to be in the area when Brehm began shooting.

West Traffic Division Police Officer Kevin Cotter was working off-duty in a plainclothes capacity when he heard the shots.  He immediately ran to the area where he heard the gunshots and saw Brehm.

Hollywood Detective Craig Marquez and Hollywood Police Officer Travon Dixon, who were also in the area, drove to Brehm’s location immediately.

Officer Cotter and Detective Marquez confronted Brehem and ordered him to drop his gun.
When Brehm pointed his gun at the officers, they fired their weapons, stopping Brehm from continuing his deadly assault.  The actions of Officer Cotter and Detective Marquez exemplify the highest level of courage by police officers during extraordinary circumstances.

While city officials are extremely proud of the heroism displayed on that horrific day, they are also deeply saddened by the senseless loss of life.  The nightmare that unfolded last Friday morning triggered a number of heroes including several civilians. Some ushered potential victims to safety while others recognized the danger and did whatever they could to keep innocent bystanders safe.  Officers Solomon Patton (Field Supervisor), Michael Ayala and Michael Coogle from the Hollywood Business Improvement District also sprung into action and began to divert traffic away from shooter.

All in all, the efforts of each of these officers and citizens were heroic for what they did to protect the community, and all city officials express their deepest gratitude for their actions.