Officers Quick Actions Saves a Life NR09355kr

July 22, 2009

Los Angeles:  Two Los Angeles Police Officers saved the life of a man who was unconscious and not breathing when they arrived on scene of an "Unknown Trouble" radio call.

On July 22, 2009, at around 3:40 p.m., Hollenbeck Police Officer Christopher Gonzalez, and his partner, Officer Victor Martinez, were on patrol when they responded to the 1600 block of Ricardo Street in the Boyle Heights area for a call involving an open 911 line with screaming heard in the background.

Officers Gonzalez and Martinez arrived on scene six minutes after receiving the call.  What they found when they arrived were several people screaming and frantic over a 65 year-old family member who had lost consciousness and was not breathing, lying on the couch inside the residence.

Gonzalez and Martinez immediately took control of the situation.  They began by clearing the living room floor so that they could lie the victim down on a solid, flat surface to begin Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).   Officer Martinez began chest compressions while instructing and assisting a family member in performing rescue breathing on the victim. Officer Gonzalez also assisted in the CPR process.

After administering CPR for approximately three minutes the victim regained consciousness and began breathing on his own.  Los Angeles City Fire Department (LAFD) Personnel arrived and continued to treat the victim for an apparent heart attack.  He was transported to Los Angeles County-University of Southern California-Medical Center (LAC-USCMC) where he was admitted and listed in stable but critical condition.

LAFD Personnel, as well as the Doctors in attendance at LAC-USCMC, commended Officers Gonzalez and Martinez for their life saving efforts and agreed that the victim would not have survived had they not acted in such a quick and competent manner.

Martinez and Gonzalez exemplify the highest standards of the Los Angeles Police Department.  Hollenbeck Area Patrol Captain Paul Hernandez said, "These Officers are Heroes.  Just ask the family members of this man who was revived from the brink of death and given another chance at life."