Officers Save A Friendly Feline

March 19, 2001


Los Angeles – On Monday, March 19, 2001, at approximately 8:20 am, West Valley Community Police Station Officers Marie Lamar and John Cheun were flagged down by a citizen at the intersection of Fallbrook Avenue and Victory Boulevard. The officers stopped their police car and began to talk with Kristie Stevens. Kristie Stevens told the officers that she was driving on Victory Boulevard at Fallbrook Avenue when she saw a kitten in the middle of the street. When Stevens stopped her car to rescue the kitten, it ran under her vehicle and disappeared. Stevens became worried and felt that the kitten may have crawled up into the vehicle’s engine.
Officer Lamar and Cheun searched the engine, but did not find the kitten. With Stevens’ approval, the officers took Stevens’ vehicle to a nearby "Pep Boys" Auto Shop so that the car could be placed on a hydraulic jack. The manager of "Pep Boys agreed to help the officers and the distraught citizen. While checking the car, one of the mechanics located the kitten in the driver side wheel-well area. The kitten was rescued safely and transported to a local animal shelter. After treatment for some minor injuries, the kitten was released to Kristie Stevens.
Thanks to West Valley Community Police Officers Lamar and Cheun, the friendly feline is still alive, and Kristie Stevens is a new pet owner. These officers are great examples of your Los Angeles Police Department.
Public Information Officer Hayley Purece, Media Relations Section 213-485-3586 prepared this press release.