Officers Save Choking Infant

February 23, 2005

"Officers Save Choking Infant"
Los Angeles: Screams of "He’s not breathing!" got the attention of two of LAPD officers, Leonard Avila and Robin Gonzalez, who were patrolling near the Fashion District on February 22, 2005, around 7:30 PM. The calls for help came from a crowd near Olympic Boulevard and Broadway.
Officer Gonzalez’ assumed the person needing help was an adult, but as they pushed through the crowd of onlookers, the officers discovered the man, Gun-Guk Jeon, 29 years, was holding the lifeless body of his 21-month-old son, Enoch.
"When we grabbed the child, he was limp, not breathing," Officer Avila said. The officer held the baby’s chest in his palm and felt for a heartbeat. He knelt down, placing the baby across his knee. Mr. Jeon slapped the baby’s back to dislodge whatever was blocking the baby’s airway. The baby vomited and started breathing.
Paramedics took the baby to California Hospital. When officers Avila and Gonzalez left the hospital, the child was in good condition. Officer Avila said, "This made me feel good." Enoch was released from the hospital the same day.
Mr. Jeon is originally from Korea and now lives with his family in Pasadena.
Police officers are trained in life-saving measures. Officer Avila will be eligible for the LAPD’s Life Saving Medal.
Officer Avila is 38 years old and has been with LAPD for 7 years. Officer Gonzalez is 31 years old and has been an officer for 2 years. Both officers are assigned to Central Police Station, in the downtown area.
This news release was prepared by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Media Relations Section at 213-485-3586.