Officers Save Life of a Suicidal Man NR16020jh

January 22, 2016

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Police Department Hollywood Area officers responded to a radio call of a ‘”Suicide in Progress” on corner of La Brea Avenue and Delongpre Avenue.

On January 17, 2016 around 5:30 p.m., Hollywood Officers saw a man near the top of a telephone pole with a tied torn shirt around his neck threatening to hang himself from the pole.

Hollywood supervisors began coordinating the scene and requested multiple resources, including Los Angeles Fire Department and Emergency Response Team. Officers were ready to take lifesaving action should the victim hang himself from the telephone pole. An extended ladder and air bag was also deployed to facilitate the safety of the man.

When the man let go of his grip on the pole, he hung himself by the neck with his feet dangling in the air. Officer Joseph Marx and Chris Ignacio took direct action and put the emergency contingency plan and saved the man’s life.

Lieutenant Scott Murray stated, “I could not be prouder of the supervisors and officers who brought this incident to a successful and safe conclusion.” Their actions saved the life of a mentally disturbed, suicidal man, who they neither knew, nor never met.

The man received medical treatment from the Los Angeles Fire Department at the scene and was transported to a local hospital for further medical treatment and mental evaluation. No officers were injured during this incident.

Hollywood supervisors and officers are to be commended for their heroic action while upholding the proud traditions of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Questions or requests for interviews may be directed to the Hollywood Division watch commander, Lieutenant Scott Murray, by calling (213) 972-2976.