Officers Saved the Life of 17-Month-Old Infant NR14123rh

March 25, 2014

Los Angeles:  Los Angeles Police Department 77th Street Area officers were on routine patrol when they came across an erratic driver driving down the street in a state of panic.

On March 22, 2014, around 1:30 p.m., 77th Street Area Officer Johnny Han and his partner Andres Cardenas were driving in a marked black and white police vehicle when they saw a vehicle driving erratically southbound on Broadway approaching 76th Street.   

The officers saw a mother who appeared to be driving her vehicle in a state of panic and advised the officers her 17-month-old boy had stopped breathing.  The officers directed the mother to pull over and both officers quickly exited their police vehicle and saw that the boy was not breathing.  

Officer Han immediately notified LAPD Communications Division and requested a Rescue Ambulance from the Los Angeles City Fire Department (LAFD).  As Officer Han made the request, Officer Cardenas administered one chest compression to the infant boy and he began to take shallow breaths.

Officer Cardenas kept the infant calm and continued to monitor his breathing, at the same time the infant began to take hold of Cardenas finger.  

Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics arrived and transported the infant to a local hospital.

According to the doctor, the infant suffered an acute life threatening event.  When it was mentioned to the doctor that Officer Cardenas had administered one chest compression, he stated that one chest compression saved the infant boy’s life.

The infant was admitted to a local hospital and was listed in stable condition.

Officers Han and Cardenas are to be commended for their heroic action while upholding the proud traditions of the Los Angeles Police Department.