Officers Serve Several Search and Arrest Warrants Related to Marijuana Dispensaries NR10149rf

March 24, 2010

Los Angeles:  Yesterday evening, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Gang and Narcotics Division officers served six search warrants and three arrest warrants related to the investigation of two local medical marijuana dispensaries.  

The investigation, which was launched in February of this year, was in response to community complaints of a medical marijuana dispensary operating in proximity to a school.
Investigators were initially directed to the “Medco Organics” dispensary at 326 North Vermont Avenue regarding the complaint.  As the investigation progressed, investigators discovered a second dispensary where the illegal sale of marijuana was taking place.  This second dispensary, known as "The Relief Co." or "TRC" was located at 5669 West Pico Boulevard.  
In addition to the two dispensaries, search warrants were also served at four residences.  The residences were identified during the investigation as being related to the dispensaries and the persons involved in their operation.  

All of the search and arrest warrants were served without incident, and searches of all the premises yielded a substantial amount of cash and marijuana.  One firearm was also recovered during the investigation.
Name of arrestees are the following:
Cruzado, Rinaldo: DOB- 9/2/73
Dolinsky, Stas: DOB- 5/27/69
Kleinman, Noah: DOB- 4/10/75

Bail was set at $20,000 for each of the arrestees.