Officers Subdue Schizophrenic Man

June 15, 2007

Los Angeles: A violent man, who was a diagnosed schizophrenic, was subdued by officers.

On June 13, 2007, at about 9:45 PM, Foothill Area patrol officers responded to meet Los Angeles Fire Department personnel at the scene of a violent mental subject in the 1300 block of Filmore Street.

The subject, a 32 year old Hispanic man, had not been taking his medication and was a danger to himself and others. The subject refused to cooperate and was abusive to his mother, firemen and the responding officers. A supervisor and 6 officers devised a plan to take the subject into custody for 5150 WIC, using bodily force. The subject responded by kicking and attempting to bite the officers. Two TASERs were deployed and the subject was taken into custody without further incidents.

The subject was taken to Olive View Medical Center for observation. More than 13 hours after arrival at the hospital, the subject was admitted for acute dehydration and intense muscle strain. The medical reason for admission could be attributed to multiple factors, including medication, seizures, or use of TASER.

On June 14, Force Investigation Division was notified that the attending doctor cited a possible adrenaline surge within the subject as a possible contributing factor for hospitalization.

One officer was treated for injuries received during the incident.