OIS Results in Wounded Pit Bull

April 13, 2005

Los Angeles: On April 12, 2005, at about 2:42 p.m., Devonshire Division Police III+1 Officer Sue Harold, Serial No. 24732, with 20 years on the Department, Police Officer II Antonio Martin, Serial No. 34796 with five years on the Department and Sergeant I James Hensley, Serial No. 27214, with 15 years on the Department responded to a vicious animal radio call at 14454 Sunburst Street.
The officers saw two pit bull dogs running around the location. The officers and sergeant had previous knowledge that one of the dogs had bitten a person earlier in the day. The officers attempted to contain the dogs until the arrival of Animal Regulations. As they waited for Animal Regulations the dogs ran to the rear of a church in the 14500 block of Osborne Street.
The officers deployed on the dogs in a continuing effort to contain them when one of the dogs charged at Sergeant Hensley and an officer involved shooting occurred.
The injured animal was transported to a local animal hospital by the owner. The remaining animal was transported by Animal Regulations.
Force Investigation Division Detectives are handling the investigation.