Olympic In-Custody Death (ICD) NRF011-22ah

May 4, 2022

On April 24, 2022, around 4:40 p.m., a citizen walked into Olympic Police station and advised the desk officers that a vehicle parked in the visitor’s parking lot was on fire. Officers walked out to the parking lot to find a black Toyota Camry engulfed in flames. A citizen then pointed to a man nearby (Marcello Oballes) identifying him as being involved with the burning vehicle. Believing that Oballes was the suspect of a crime, Officers approached Oballes and placed him in custody. Oballes appeared to be having a medical emergency and was subsequently transported to a local hospital where he later died.

The vehicle, a black 1998 Toyota Camry, was severely damaged by the fire and belonged to Marcello Oballes. The vehicle was held for evidence by Force Investigation Division (FID) detectives. No one was injured as a result of the fire. There was no “Use of Force” associated with this incident.

Force Investigation Division (FID) detectives responded to the scene and are investigating the In-Custody Death.