Operation ABC NR11405rh

August 30, 2011

Los Angeles:  The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control announced the 2011/2012 Grant Assistance Program (GAP) recipients, and awarded the Los Angeles Police Department a 16th consecutive grant in July 2011.  LAPD received the maximum grant award in the amount $100,000.

Captain Ann Young, Commanding Officer of Detective Support and Vice Division, who oversees ABC enforcement activities on a Citywide level indicated that grant funds will be used to assist the LAPD in reducing the negative effects of alcohol-related crimes and improving the quality of life in an around ABC licensed establishments within the City of Los Angeles.  The GAP program has been an essential part of vice enforcement for the City of Los Angeles for the past fourteen years and has been directly responsible for closing 99 problematic ABC-licensed locations since the inception of Operation ABC.

For further information, please contact Sergeants Steve Moore or Fernando Garcia, Operation ABC Coordinators, at 213-486-0910.