Operation “Safe Sip” Nets Multiple Arrests in Downtown Los Angeles NR24096majc

March 14, 2024

Los Angeles: On March 13, 2024, twelve people were cited for the illegal sales of alcohol; six of the violations included sales of alcohol to a person under the age of 21.

Operation “Safe Sip” was established by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Operations Central Bureau after they saw an increase in the illegal sales of alcoholic beverages by street vendors. Often, the vendors bring coolers filled with alcohol to areas where large groups gather for events such as concerts or sporting events.

The vendors will sell alcohol from the cooler without a license and generally without checking any form of age verification. Recognizing the dangers of alcohol being sold to people under the age of 21 and the dangers of people being sold alcohol without any assessment of the level of intoxication, Operation “Safe Sip” conducted targeted enforcement for illegal sales of alcohol near LA Live.

On the evening of March 13, 2024, LAPD Operations Central Bureau personnel and Commercial Crimes Division personnel cited 12 people within two hours. Six people were cited for §25658(A) of the Business & Professions (BP) code – alcohol sales to a person under 21, and eight for §23300 BP code, operating without a license. Additionally, Central Traffic Division supported the operation by conducting traffic enforcement. Twelve parking and 6 moving violations were issued, and one vehicle was impounded.