Operation Snow Plow Digs Up Valley Gangmembers

December 22, 2005

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department conducted a special task force today with
Los Angeles County Probation and California Parole officers that netted 15 gang members and an assault rifle, outfitted with a laser sight, and over one pound of methamphetamine.
"Today’s Operation Snow Plow is another example of LAPD’s commitment to dismantling gangs in the San Fernando Valley," said North Hollywood Captain Bill Sweet. "These kinds of operations put a crimp in their criminal enterprises. And any time we take a gun off the street, another life is potentially saved."
The task force targeted 42 locations associated with a variety of Valley gangs. Officers and agents detained fifteen gang members, several related to the Vineland Boys. The assault rifle seized was a model SKS with a laser sight. It will be tested to determine if it was used in any prior crimes.
Seven juveniles were arrested for probation violations, methamphetamine possession and felony warrants. Eight adults were also arrested.
They were:
Luis Barbosa, ex-convict with a gun; Daniel Pollock, receiving stolen property; Jaime Escobar, Freddy Garcia, and Gerrardo Guijon, all for probation violations; Manuel Gomez, for being a felon in possession of ammunition; Tony Ross, robbery; and Jorge Gomez, for possession of methamphetamine.
Six of the arrests were Vineland Boys gang members.
The Department of Children and Family Services’ Multi-agency Response Team also assisted in the task force. In one case, the county social workers took custody of a 9-year-old boy who had been left by his parents with his two gang-member brothers, who used drugs in his presence. While the two brothers had rooms and beds, the nine-year-old had to sleep on the floor.
Questions regarding this press release my be referred to Officer Dan Fournier at 818-631-5597.