Operation Treadstone Dealt a Blow to Gang Operations NA09199BB

July 24, 2009

News Conference

Friday, July 24, 2009 1:00 p.m.
77th Area Community Police Station
7600 S. Broadway Ave
Los Angeles, CA  90003

Deputy Chief Kirk J. Albanese, Commanding Officer, Operations South Bureau
Captain Robert F. Green, LAPD 77th Area Commanding Officer    
Sergeant Alma Burke, LAPD 77th Area Vice
ATF Special Agent Eric Harden
On July 23, 2009, Federal, state and local law enforcement officers completed an 18 month investigation into the criminal gang operations.  The investigation resulted in the arrests of 34 members or associates.  This investigation netted 15 illegal firearms, $140,000 in asset seizures, 18 illegal gambling machines and 200 pounds of illegal fireworks recovered from 19 locations.

Many of those arrested also have significant criminal histories and if convicted of the charges alleged in the indictments face many years in federal prison.

In addition to trafficking in firearms and narcotics, street gangs engage in murder, assault, robbery, illegal gambling, and prostitution.  Gangs and their associates often perpetrate this criminal activity at illegal after-hour clubs known as “casitas.”  The casitas have been a source of murders, drug trafficking, gambling, prostitution, and violent assaults.
For additional information, contact Sergeant Alma Burke, LAPD 77th Area Vice at 213-485-4185.