Operations-South Bureau Gang Initiative NA090226ne

August 22, 2009

News Conference
Tuesday, August 25, 2009 10 a.m.        

Jesse A. Brewer, 77th Street Regional Police Headquarters  
Community Room    
7600 S. Broadway Avenue
Los Angeles, CA  90003
The Honorable Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
Chief of Police William J. Bratton
District Attorney Representative
City Attorney Representative                           
City Council Representatives
Deputy Mayor Gang Reduction &Youth Development,  Reverend Jeff Carr
FBI Special Agent in Charge, Dan McMullen
ATF Assist Special Agent in Charge, Christopher Shaefer
US Marshal Chief Inspector, Thomas Hession
Assistant Chief Calvin D. Aubrey, California Highway Patrol
LAPD Deputy Chief, Richard Roupoli
LAPD Deputy Chief, Kirk Albanese
LAPD Deputy Chief, Sergio Diaz
LAPD Deputy Chief, Charlie Beck
The primary focus of the 2009 Crime Fighting Strategies has been on Gang Crime.  While gang crime in Los Angeles is down overall, a recent gang crime trend in Operations South Bureau and Operations Central Bureau has been detected.  This news conference was called to announce a multi-agency initiative designed to keep the trend from developing momentum.  Local, State, and Federal agencies will be present to discuss their commitment of resources to this initiative.   

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