“Our Season of Giving” in LAPD Southwest Area NA15022dm

February 11, 2015

Media Availability

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Residence of Mrs. Betty Epps
2350 30th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90008

LAPD Commander Bill Scott, Commanding Officer, Operations-South Bureau LAPD Captain III Gerald Woodyard, Commanding Officer, Southwest Area City of Los Angeles Department of Sanitation Leonard Redway, General Manager, LR Services Plumbing LA Blue Plumbing & Heating Co., Ricky Bledsoe Edwin Redway, E-Dubble Catering Desiree Edwards, Watts Coffee House Andrew Escobar, 94.7 The Wave

The Los Angeles Police Department is supporting LR Services Plumbing, a family Owner/Operator community business with “Our Season of Giving.” LR Services Plumbing started “Our Season of Giving” to give back to their community by providing services free of charge to a needing person/family. Their recipients are generally selected by request made from customers via their social media sites, but they were touched by the actions of Southwest Area Senior Lead Officers and have chosen Mrs. Betty Epps who has lived in the community for more than 40 years as their 2015 recipient.

Southwest Area Senior Lead Officers during a routine visit with Mrs. Epps noticed her home was colder than normal. They contacted LR Services Plumbing to inspect the heater and offered to pay (out of their pocket) for any needed repairs. Owner Leonard Redway was touched by their request and provided minimal maintenance for the season and is now replacing the faulty heating system at no charge as part of their companies “Our Season of Giving:”.

For additional information contact, LAPD – Southwest Area Community Relations at (213) 847-5800 or LR Services Plumbing at (888) 938-1270.