Parolee Arrested after Attempted Car Jacking

October 16, 2006

Los Angeles: Two Los Angeles police officers arrested Carlos Pantoja, 30, after they saw him trying to steal a small truck from a person near Central Avenue and 53rd Street.

The incident occurred Friday evening, around 9:00 pm when Newton Police Station officers Timothy Galli and his partner were patrolling the area. As the police car turned the corner, the truck drove away from Pantoja. Pantoja, who was on a bicycle, rode from the scene with the officers following in their police car.

During the following, officers witnessed Pantoja reach for his waistband several times as he rode away. His actions led the officers to form the opinion that Pantoja was armed. Nearing mid block 1100 East 52nd Street, Pantoja tried to draw the gun from his waistband. Officer Galli used the police vehicle to pin Patoja against a fence.

Pantoja worked himself free and ran from the officers. The officers followed and apprehended Pantoja. Recovered at the scene was a nail gun, believed to have been the weapon Pantoja used in the attempt robbery.

The truck owner, possible robbery victim, could not be located. Pantoja was booked on charges of resisting arrest and violation of his robbery parole status. Pantoja was not seriously injured, but was treated for a cut lip, abrasions, and complained-of pain.

Officer Galli, 48 years old, is a 17-year veteran of the Department. Force Investigation Division is handling the Use of Force investigation.