Pedestrian Safety

May 20, 2005

News Conference on Pedestrian Safety
May 25, 2005, at 9:00 a.m.
Cesar Chavez Avenue and Soto Street
Captain Ann Young, Central Traffic Division
Los Angeles: Central Traffic Division (CTD) will be holding a news conference for the purpose of educating the community on the subject of pedestrians crossing the street where pedestrians control signals are installed.
It has been noted by officers at CTD that Central Bureau is experiencing a significant increase in pedestrian vs. auto traffic collisions which has prompted the need to educate the public.
In an effort to educate, prevent the loss of life and provide a safer environment to both drivers and pedestrians, officers from CTD, Traffic Safety Unit will be providing detailed information regarding the legal/safe manner for pedestrians to cross the street at intersections that have pedestrians control signals.
For further information please contact Officer Ron Fisher, Central Traffic Division, Traffic Safety Unit, at 213-972-1865.