Pedestrian Traffic Safety NA18207dm

November 2, 2018

Using the Safe Stop Initiative to Educate the Community on Pedestrian Traffic Safety

WHAT: Safety Event

WHEN: Monday, November 5, 2018 9:00 a.m.

WHERE: Vermont Avenue and Exposition Boulevard Los Angeles, Ca 90007

WHO: LAPD Captain Alex Baez, Patrol Commanding Officer, Southwest Division USC Personnel MTA Personnel South Traffic Division Personnel

WHY: Beginning in March 2018, Southwest Division began partnering with private interests in the area to empower individuals to be active advocates and participants in their own safety. The “Safe Stop Initiative” program provides law enforcement and the community an opportunity to engage each other as it relates to best practices for personal safety. The purpose of this event is to promote traffic safety awareness amongst members of the community and those who visit the City of Los Angeles.

CONTACT: For further information, contact Sergeant Ryan Lee at (310) 621-7487.