Pedestrian Traffic Safety Tips News Conference NA10312bb

November 19, 2010

News conference to announce LAPD traffic enforcement initiatives directed to motorist who fail to yield to pedestrians.  A plain-clothes officer will be crossing the street to ensure motorist yield the right of way to pedestrians.  Motorists who fail to yield to pedestrians will be cited.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010  10 a.m.

Southwest corner of Riverside Drive and Ranchito Avenue, Sherman Oaks, CA
(North side of the Westfield Fashion Square Mall)  

Councilmember Paul Krekorian, Council District 2
Commander James H. Cansler, Assistant Commanding Officer, Operations-Valley Bureau
Captain William D. Sutton, Commanding Officer, Valley Traffic Division
Ms. Shanna Coburn, General Manager, Westfield Fashion Square Mall

Westfield Fashion Square representatives will be present to provide pedestrian traffic safety recommendations within the mall to make the shopping season safe.  Additionally, in an effort to increase pedestrian safety in our City streets, police officers will aggressively enforce the State’s pedestrian safety laws, especially laws requiring drivers to yield to pedestrian within crosswalks.

The State of California has a right-of-way law for pedestrians within crosswalks, either marked or unmarked, which requires drivers to yield to pedestrians and exercise due care for their safety.  If stopped and found in violation, officers will issue citations to drivers.
The Los Angeles Police Department wants to remind motorists and pedestrians to be extra cautious when driving or walking across the street at all times, especially during the Thanksgiving weekend and throughout the holiday season.  
For more information, please contact Detective Bustos at 818-644-8021.