Personal Safety Tips

September 8, 2000

Los Angeles: "Los Angeles attracts all types of people and the majority of them are law-abiding. However, you have no way of knowing who is and who is not," states

Commander David J. Kalish, Department spokesperson, "For this reason, you must be prepared to protect yourself. The Los Angeles Police Department believes you can reduce risk to yourself by applying some simple precautions."

The following are just some examples of how citizens can help to ensure their personal safety.

When home alone never open your door to a stranger.

When walking, stay alert to your surroundings at all times. Observe people and activities around you. Look confident and purposeful when you walk.

When driving, travel on busy, well-lighted streets.

Keep your car in good running order.

Drive with all car doors locked.

If you are followed, drive to the nearest police or fire station for assistance.

During outdoor activities, advise a loved one or a friend the route you will be taking so they will know where to look for you in an emergency.

The most important thing to remember is criminals often plan their crimes. They look for the right opportunity and the easiest victim. Therefore, your best defense is a personal security plan aimed at reducing the opportunity for criminals to victimize you. The Los Angeles Police Department’s Personal Security Circular offers helpful tips for home safety, driving and outdoor activities to help you decrease your chances of becoming a victim.

There are many more helpful hints and facts outlined in the LAPD’s "Personal Safety Circular." For more information, or to obtain copies of Crime Prevention Circulars, contact the Community Liaison/Crime Prevention Unit at 213-485-3134, or visit our Web Site at and open the "Building Safer Communities" icon.