Personal Security III

October 4, 2001


Los Angeles: Los Angeles attracts all types of people and the majority of them are law-abiding. Most criminals often plan their crimes by looking for the right opportunity and the easiest victim. Therefore, the best defense is a personal security plan aimed at reducing the opportunity for criminals. The Los Angeles Police Department believes the public can reduce the risk of victimization by applying a few simple precautions in daily life and encourages the public to practice the following crime prevention measures to increase personal safety and security in the home.


Ask to see identification. Have the person slip their identification card under the door. If you have any doubts about the person, look up the telephone number in the telephone directory and call the company or agency the person claims to represent.
Do not rely on telephone numbers given to you by strangers at your door, the telephone number they give you could be an accomplice.
Do not open the door to a stranger requesting help or the use of your telephone. Offer to make the telephone call yourself while the stranger waits outside. Receipts that require a signature can be slipped under the door. Open the door and pick up the package only when you are positive the delivery person has left.
Never allow a stranger into a security entrance. This includes someone asking to leave a package or a note for a neighbor.
Children should be trained not to answer the door.
Place only your first initial and last name on mailboxes and building directories. Consider listing a fictitious roommate if you live alone.
List only your first initial and last name in the telephone directory. Do not list your address.
Engrave all your valuable property. Keep a record of the serial numbers of valuable equipment. Photograph or videotape other valuables. Keep photographs, videotapes and records of serial numbers separate from your valuables. Keep photographs, videotapes and records of serial numbers separate from your valuables in a safe at home or in a safe-deposit box.
Before moving into a new residence change the locks. Previous tenants may still have keys.
Always lock your door, even if you leave your home for just a few minutes.
Keep venetian blinds and curtains closed, especially at night. Leave lights on in two or more rooms to indicate the presence of other persons.

Commander Sharon Papa, spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department states "the Los Angeles Police Department encourages you to practice these crime prevention tips. A personal security plan is your best defense. Develop a plan and in the event of an assault or emergency, follow it."
For additional information or to obtain a copy of crime prevention circulars, contact Sergeant Michael Peterson at the Community Liaison/Crime Prevention Unit, 213-485-3143, or visit "Crime Prevention Tips" icon.
This media advisory was prepared by Public Information Officer Guillermo Campos, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.