Photo Red Light Intersections Redux

June 7, 2006

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department announced the reactivation of the first intersection in Operations-Valley Bureau (second in the City) with new Photo Red Light (PRL) monitoring systems. This system records vehicle license plates that run red lights. Thirty more intersections will be outfitted in the near future for a total of 32 intersections Citywide.

In June 2005, the City’s PRL contract was not renewed after many years because of poor quality of photographs. In November 2005, the City Council approved the contract with a new vendor, Nestor Traffic Systems, Inc. The new system will be an improvement over the former system. The dual-digital video camera system will record violators as they approach and travel through an intersection, after the light has changed to red. The license plate will be photographed from the front and rear.

It is the addition of the rear-facing camera that officers anticipate will increase the likelihood of convictions; as it will record the signal light and document the distance the violator was behind the limit line the moment the light turns red.

The digital video system will record 30 still frames per second for each violation, allowing a greater opportunity to get a clear photograph of the driver.

The new system has added features like the ability to monitor and adjust the equipment remotely via a satellite. It will also provide live photographs from the intersection during a breaking emergency.

The LAPD and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation will monitor the new system and analyze the results before deciding where to place the remaining 22 systems.

A sergeant and four officers will be assigned full time to administer the program. They will use a laptop computer in court to present the digital evidence during disputed cases.

Media inquiries regarding this system may be referred to Sergeant Matthew MacWillie, Traffic Coordination Section, at 213-847-1630.

A list of the current and former Photo Red Light intersections is available from Media Relations Section, upon request.