Pitbull Charges Officers

February 16, 2007

Los Angeles: A police officer assigned to the 77th Street Police Station was attacked by a Pitbull on February 9, 2007, around 9 o’clock in the morning as the officer and his partner were investigating a report of unknown trouble at a home in the 400 block of East 80th Place.

Police Officer Erick Hernandez, 26, entered the backyard of the home at 442 East 80th Street. A large Pitbull terrier dog charged at the officer, who fire two shots. The dog was struck in the chest and shoulder.

The owner took over care of the animal. Neither of the officers was injured.

Detectives from the 77th Street Police Station will investigate the shooting and report their findings to the Department’s use-of-force review board.

Officer Hernandez has been with the LAPD less than two years.