Police Academy Magnet School (PAMS) Police Orientations Preparation Program (POPP) Graduation NA10134ne

June 3, 2010

195 cadets will graduate

Friday, June 4, 2010 10:30 a.m.

Elysian Park Academy
1880 Academy Road
Los Angeles California, 90012

Chief Charlie Beck
Assistant Chief Sandy Jo McArthur
Mrs. Roberta Weintraub-Founder of the Program

The Los Angeles Police Department is proud to announce the joint graduation ceremony of the PAMS / POPP Graduates.

LAUSD and College Students will graduate from the only program of its kind in the Nation that offers a program from grades 6 through 14 that prepares cadets for entry into law enforcement or a related field.

The PAMS program has been in effect 12 years and the latest addition, the POPP program is nearly a year old, offering LAUSD Seniors and College students the opportunity to experience the Academy, take college-level courses, and earn an Associates of Arts Degree.

The special collaboration between the Los Angeles Community College District, which West LA College and Pierce College offer on-site classes to the POPP cadets.  The cadets experience tough physical and educational challenges.  The classes run 4-days a week at the ARTC.

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