Police Arrest Two Paparazzi for Loitering

July 22, 2008

Los Angeles police arrested two paparazzi for loitering on a fire access road near Britney Spear’s home yesterday evening in Studio City.

At 6:00 p.m., police verbally warned Alexander Passos, 35, and Eduardo Ravalha, 35, for loitering on city owned property near Mulholland Drive and Cold Water Canyon and asked them to leave. About 45 minutes later, the officers learned the pair had returned to the location and arrested them.

Passos of Canoga Park and Ravalha of Los Angeles were arrested and released at North Hollywood police station. They were charged with linger or to idle about a public place without lawful business for being present.

The officers were unable to secure Ravalha’s illegally parked vehicle. The vehicle had to be impounded due to his arrest.

Two weeks prior, officers responded to a similar call at the same location involving the paparazzi. A theft report was taken for the removal of a No Trespassing sign from a chain link fence.