Police Chief Bratton Announces Promotions

March 14, 2007

Los Angeles: Chief of Police William Bratton today announced the following transfers and promotions of LAPD Command Staff:

• Captain Bill Fierro, currently Commanding Officer at Hollenbeck Area, has been promoted to Commander. He will become Executive Officer of the Office of Support Services (OSS).

• Captain Jerry Szymanski, currently Commanding Officer of Narcotics Division, has been promoted to Commander. He will become Assistant Commanding Officer of Operations Valley Bureau (OVB).

• Captain Joan McNamara, currently Commanding Officer of Harbor Area, has been promoted to Commander. She will become Assistant Commanding Officer at Counter Terrorism Bureau.

In addition, the following officers have been promoted to the rank of Captain:
• Captain I Thomas Brascia
• Captain I Justin Eisenberg
• Captain I Beatrice Girmala
• Captain I Lenny Hundshamer
• Captain I Dave Lindsey
• Captain I Evengelyn Nathan
• Captain I Rigoberto Romero
• Captain I Steve Ruiz
• Captain I William Scott

Finally, the command officers listed below have been upgraded to the ranks indicated:
• Captain III Dave Baca
• Captain III Joel Justice
• Captain III Bob Green
• Captain III Greg Hall
• Captain III William Hayes
• Captain III Jose Perez
• Captain III Anita Ortega
• Captain II Joe Hiltner
• Captain II John Incontro
• Captain II Fabain Lizzaragga
• Captain II Joe Mariani
• Captain II Regina Scott
• Captain II Mike Williams

Questions may be directed to Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.