Police Commission Eelects Alan Skobin As Vice President

May 5, 2010

Los Angeles –  On May 4, 2010, the members of the Police Commission unanimously elected Police Commissioner Alan J. Skobin as Vice President of the five member panel.  The Vice President serves with the Police Commission President as the leadership team, and also fills all of the responsibilities of the Commission President in his or her absence.  The Vice President position was recently vacated by outgoing Commissioner Andrea Sheridan Ordin, who was appointed Los Angeles County Counsel.

Vice President Skobin has served as a Police Commissioner since 2003. He is the Vice President and General Counsel of Galpin Motors, Inc., in the San Fernando Valley. A Reserve Chief for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Vice President Skobin is widely recognized for his expertise in many areas of law enforcement, including efficient use of resources, officer use of force incidents, technology, and employee relations. He is also a strong advocate for community based policing.

“I am very humbled and appreciative by this honor and additional way to serve that I have been entrusted with by my fellow Police Commissioners. The five Police Commissioners are each an important part of a dedicated team, and I look forward to continuing to work with each of them and the Los Angeles Police Department as we build on the momentum and continue the progress that has been made” stated Vice President Skobin.