Police Commission President Rick Caruso Again Warns Against Hate Crimes

October 9, 2001

"Police Commission President Rick Caruso Again Warns Against Hate Crimes"

Los Angeles: As the country strikes back against its attackers, Police Commission President Rick Caruso stated that any sort of personal retaliation against a person of Middle-Eastern descent will not be tolerated by the Los Angeles Police Department.
Caruso stated:

"There is no doubt that tensions are high in our City right now. We all want resolve and we all want peace. To achieve these goals, we must act in peace. It is imperative to remember that Muslims throughout the world and right here in Los Angeles also want that peace and we share a common goal. Misguided anger only leads to more discord, which is exactly what our enemies are looking for. Let’s continue to show them that Los Angeles knows better."

Any crime, either physical or otherwise, motivated by a victim’s race, sex, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation, carries with it the enhancement clause of "Hate Crime." These kinds of crimes are vigorously prosecuted and carry additional penalties.
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